The Student Handbook: A Guide for Student Success

The Quad, episode 104. (Photo: Eli Joshua Ade/BET)

Georgia A&M University Student Handbook outlines the basic tenets of conduct as well as your rights and responsibilities as a member of the campus community. Every GAMU student is expected to read, understand and abide by all campus policies, procedures and expectations outlined in the Student handbook.

The GAMU Student Handbook establishes three key principles:

  1. Enforces conduct standards conducive for all students in a proactive educational approach that fosters personal and social development
  2. Informs the foundation for behavioral expectations in the academic community
  3. Encourages pride, tradition and excellence in the execution of the student conduct standards.

The GAMU Student Handbook includes, but is not limited to, student organization policies, campus resources, residence life and housing policies and procedures, Standards of Excellence, academic integrity policies and the student code of conduct to support your educational journey at Georgia A&M University.