President, Dr. Eva Fletcher

"The Quad" pilot. Anika Noni Rose as Dr. Eva Fletcher. (Photo: Annette Brown/BET)

President Dr. Eva Fletcher is new to our GAMU Family, coming to us from Laura Farnsworth University located in quaint, Stamford, Connecticut where she served as President of the prestigious liberal arts institution from 2013-2016, becoming the youngest female President in the state’s history.

As a 16 year-old freshman, Dr. Fletcher attended Dartmouth College, a historic Ivy League school located in Hanover, NH where she graduated near the top of her class with a degree in Business. She continued her education at Dartmouth, eventually receiving both her masters and PHD in Education Leadership.

By 24, Dr. Fletcher began working at MANNING, STARR and GEORGE, a well respected-stock brokerage firm on Wall Street. For several years, Dr. Fletcher made her mark on the trading floor but soon realized that her true calling was education.

Dr. Fletcher began her educational career as Dean of Students at small KING COLLEGE in Newark, NJ. She quickly shot up the academic ranks with fierce intelligence and her easy charm.

Dr. Fletcher departed King College and joined Laura Farnsworth as President, where her financial acumen helped raise much needed funds to take the University to next level, making them competitive on a national scale.

Doing all that she could at Laura Farnsworth, Dr. Fletcher sought out new challenges and found the opportunity to be Georgia A&M’s first, female President too enticing to resist, becoming just the seventh President in GAMU’s history.

With her ear toward the past and her eyes fixed on the future, Dr. Fletcher is poised to lead GAMU boldly into the future while maintaining its storied history.